Unique Design of Dining Room Tables

Dining room tables are the most important furniture in dining room. Why it is important? Because a good dining room must be complete with a good furniture like the dining table set. Why we need to make a good dining room? Because dining room is an important part in a house, it is a room where you and your family members also your friends gather to enjoy the meal. Get inspired by these unique designs of dining room tables which help you to set up your dining room to be kind of stylish and comfortable room.

Glass top dining room tables with oak cross bottom. It is a unique design of dining table set consists of one table and four chairs made from the glass for the top combine with cross shape bottom made from oak’s wood. Oak wood is well known as a material to make furniture because of the strength. This dining table set design is very suitable for minimalist dining room’s style. Because the design gives modern and casual touch, the medium size of this living table set gives the simple, stylish and minimalist sense and with this table set color which is dark brown, gives the casual touch for your dining room. Glass top dining room tables with oak wood cross bottom make your minimalist dining room looks perfect.

Flying glass top with metal bottom dining table set, this is another unique design of dining table set. It is consists one table with two chairs, this design is very suitable for modern casual restaurants or food courts. The name of “flying glass top” of this dining table design means a table which look like a flying glass because of the very tiny metal as its bottom. Don’t worry even this table’s bottom is very thin, it is strong, it can carry until 70 kilos of weight. Combine with d shape chairs, maybe some of you do not know what the d shape chair is look like, it is a chair design where the shape of the chair is similar with the shape of d in alphabet.

The next unique design of the dining room tables is luxury square dining table set, this dining table made from marble, this design is very suitable for luxury dining room design because the size of this table is quite big and the material give more luxury sense of this dining table set. This dining table set consists of one big table and 16 elegant chairs. Usually, this dining table used as furniture in a luxury formal diner event or kind of other luxury formal banquet. Every design of this dining table set represent their function and show what kind of dining room design which suitable with, by their design. Those are three examples of dining room’s unique designs. There are still more designs of dining table set. If you are going to design your dining room and need more reference of dining table set, you can find more of references in all of furniture stores. Moreover, you can discuss about what kind of dining room tables design do you want and need directly with the furniture designer.

unique design of dining room tables

unique design of dining room tables


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