How to Make Shabby Chic Furniture with Simple Way

How to make shabby chic furniture in your room is very easy and simple. Shabby chic had become the home decoration since 1980s. Rachel As well popularized this style in public. Shabby chic theme is very suitable for every room in your house, like a bedroom, living room, family room, kitchen or bathroom. The characteristic of shabby chic is it uses a soft furnishing and soft color for furniture or wall paint which looks shabby, dull, old and antique. The best color of the shabby chic theme is pastel color, such as blue, pink, white and mint green.  So, it creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

As we know that shabby chic is one of the home interior design which is very popular in the America whereas many countries have adapted this style. It creates a classic and elegant design in the furniture. If you are applying this style in the furniture, you can add unique carving in your furniture, and how making shabby chic furniture with simple way can be done like in your cupboard, table, chair, desk and door. Then, you can also add lace and floral motifs which have shabby, fade, and antique style for your pillow, blanket, and curtain.

How to make shabby chic furniture means that you can utilize the old furniture to be new furniture with its functions. You can economize your money to buy the new one. It is better for you to choose the multi-functional furniture in order to get the advantages of it, like for storage place. For example, you have a classic old wooden cupboard, you want to touch it with shabby chic. You can prepare the equipment, such as sandpaper, putty, brush and paint shabby chic paint, like white, ivory, gray, mint green, blue, and pink. Then, you should do sandpapering whole the surface of the cupboard. After that, use the brush to clean the wood chips. Third, use the putty to make the surface rough and do the sandpapering again. Last, you can paint it. You do not need to buy new furniture, just use the old furniture and décor it by yourself.

You can also read design interior house magazine to enhance the way of making shabby chic furniture. It will describe you many ways in how making shabby chic furniture with the simple or complex way. It depends on you to create your new furniture. There are also suitable accessories to enhance the shabby chic theme, such as candle hanging lamp, floral vase, black-white photos, lace curtain, floral pillow and etc. How making shabby chic furniture can be applied in the sofa. You can buy some meter fabrics to cover your leather sofa. It is better for you to choose floral motifs or pastel colors. You can also combine with lace pillow.

If you very attract with the shabby chic theme, you can try it at home. You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy the new furniture, just utilize the old furniture then renew it with pastel paint. Then, if you a little bit confused with it, you can look for the way of making new furniture with shabby chic in the magazine or internet. How to make shabby chic furniture is perfect choice.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture

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