Hottest Wedding Hair for the Bride

Wedding is the dream for every couple in the world. This is the sacred moment which is waited by the couple to tie their deep love. Wedding is not about groom and bride, but there are lots of thing that must be prepared in order to get perfect wedding ceremony. All of the preparation must be prepared in long ahead before the day. For the bride, there is also special preparation that must be done in order to get perfection in the important day. Besides of wedding dress, the bride must prepare the wedding hair. to give you some inspirations for your wedding time, there are some gorgeous hairstyle for the bride that can be apply.

This article will discuss about any style of wedding hair for the bride in any style, such as classic, simple and chic hairstyle. Moreover, it is also given for any type and size of hairs; medium, long or short and curl, wavy and fine. Find your favorite wedding hairstyle from the hottest hairstyle collection in this article. For the first style for length or medium hair, there is a style which is name curly bun with pretty headband. To make this style, you need to curl the hair in to large size with curling tool. Then, tie the curly hair at the bottom side parallel with the tip of the neck. To give classic look, you have to make it a bot messy bun, to strengthen the style, so not forget to pin it. To lock the style spays it with light hairspray. The finish touch is that makes a wavy fringe and set classic gems headband.

The other wedding hair for long hair is that vintage bun with flower hair pin which is called ballerina bun To make this kind of hair style is quite simple, you just need to make high bun upper and tie it with rubber hair tie. Do not let any loose hair on the bottom, so that you have to give light hairspray. Comb it neatly and put dazzling floral hair pin on the front side of the bun. The floral hairpiece is the sweet finish touch, it is really suitable hairstyle if you want to use wedding veil. This style is also can be mixed with another hairpiece, such as give lace hairband surround the head or give vintage lace ribbon.

The last style is given for short haircut. For you who have short hair, do not worry about the hairstyle you can apply for the wedding. There are lots of styles you can make in order to make you still look feminine, sexy and beautiful. The first wedding hair for short hair is simple short hair with shiny headpiece. To make this style, you just need to com your hair and light hairspray. For the finish touch, put the shiny hairpiece as you want. If you want cute wedding hairstyle, there is short Japanese hairstyle. This is an Asian hairstyle, a short hair with bangs. So simple to do; comb your hair and give cute ribbon as the finish touched.

wedding hair

wedding hair

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