White in Black Concept Design of Australian Pavilion, Italy, by Denton Corker Marshall

As the replacement of the older building, you may find that Australian Pavilion, Italy, by Denton Corker Marshall is unique. And guess what? The uniqueness of the building that he made, it is not because it’s complicated design, yet it is because its simplicity. As an elegant building that is surrounded by green trees inside Venice Biennale, a building which its finish is matte charcoal black for sure will draw many attention of any visitor of this wooded garden. Unlike, its outside appearance which is lacquered by black, the inside boasts the contrary.

A wall that is lacquered with white really brings such a nice touch for the atmosphere inside. And you know what? Even though, there is the combination of black and white as the concept idea of Australian Pavilion, Italy, by Dentor Corker Marshal, you may not meet unnecessary clash instead, the two colors complement one and another perfectly. Furthermore, since the inside part of this gallery is covered with versatile white color, you may figure out in the first time you enter the gallery that the white color that splash the wall in certain way can make the appearance of the existed artwork more inviting.

Anyway, since, this stunning gallery is meant to celebrate the 56th anniversary of this wooded garden namely Venice Biennale, it means this gallery will make its first move on its 56th anniversary, precisely on May 9th 2015. So then, be sure you visit this fascinating gallery while visiting this wooded garden on that time. Not to mention, but each gallery which displays such stunning artwork has its own unique design which makes each of them becomes one-of-a-kind. Yes, as building that becomes the temporary destination of those artworks, the building itself should represent the beauty of the artworks. Anyway, good for Australian Pavilion, Italy, by Denton Corker Marshall, this one nails it.

australian pavilion italy

australian pavilion italy

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